Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Convention

I've painted in gouache and watercolor several Artist Trading Cards (Same size as base ball cards) for one of the events next month for the Watercolor Society of Oregon's Fall convention. We will be at Sunriver Resort just below Bend Oregon and most of the events will be on Saturday, October 8th.  In the morning I will join the 'Past Presidents Paint Out' as one of the demonstrators, drop off trading cards, and swap out for other artist cards. There will be plenty of other activities, not to mention just exploring this beautiful resort.
I'm looking forward to seeing the gallery of paintings juried in by Ted Nuttall and to give my complements to all the artists and volunteers that help make these events possible.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cut the Chatter

Just a demo painting  for a beginner class out in Hillsboro a few years ago.
Thanks for looking. I'm working on a big project...sooner or later I can show you!
Now go paint.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Was Lost But Now I'm Found

This was painted last year during the Lavender festival, put away and forgotten until this year's lavender show.  I spent weeks looking through stacks of old paintings but it didn't turn up. I could see myself accidentally tossing it. I found an alternate, less than ideal painting that fit the requirements and went with that. The upshot was  two watercolors  were juried in and my alternate choice won the second place ribbon! I still like this lost and found painting but I don't think it would have impressed the judge as much as the other.... but you just never know!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back from a Break

I have been on a blog break. Last week I did a fair amount of painting outdoors and last weekend was spent with my niece, Amanda and her kids in the backyard of her new house. There's enough flat space to set up a little soccer field if they wanted and a sunken seating area (under a grape arbor) with a built in fire pit. I stood up on the chimney and looked across the alley to the neighbors garden; all manner of vegetables and herbs - the dinner plate dahlias are a feast of late summer color. Couldn't resist a quick little sketch.  Now there's a break in the heat, kids are starting second week of school, Halloween is right around the corner!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Abstraction Exercises

Seems like it was time to do some sketch book pages, explore some ideas for abstracts using a minimum of shapes and color then see what develops - think about texture, get a little more painterly with gouache, maybe some pattern.......  Nice way to spend cool gray morning. For kids that went back to school today sorry but - Monday's a Holiday!!