Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Schreiners Iris Gardens

Spectacular Iris

Patricia D. Schreiner lived 82 good years, many of them just North of Salem where the family business relocated in 1946. Married to Gus Schreiner, technically still newlyweds, They took up residence, raised 8 children, and continued the iris business. Pat was a subscribing member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, for years she was a fine art watercolor painter along with raising kids and helping out during the blooming season. After Gus passed away in 1982, Pat enjoyed traveling to Europe with friends. Her interests were many - the arts - reading, socializing, gardening and her family. Art work is on display and for sale in the gift shop from local and regional artists.

Oil Painter From the Eugene Area

25 artists painted on location on the grounds open to the public for most of May. Two painting groups,one from Portland and one from Eugene organized this gathering. A few days are still left to watch them work for your enjoyment. You can talk to the artists while they work in oil, Watercolor, Pastel and charcoal. Art work is available for sale. Get directions at Schreiners Iris

Umbrellas Over Easels Dot the Garden

Here is a shot of my painting in Progress; almost finished but I need to lift a few highlights here and there. Thanks for looking and hope to see you out there this weekend.

Friday, May 22, 2009

A Sense of Place, PPASP Juried Group Show Reception,June 7th

Announcing a Juried Group Exhibit of paintings by members of PPASP

“Plein Air” refers to painting outdoors on location. “Alla Prima”, similarly, describes a painting technique in which a canvas is completed in one sitting. Plein air and Alla Prima artists are considered direct painters and seldom work from photographs. In the Plein Air/Alla Prima tradition, brushstrokes and drawings will have a distinctive loose and flowing style.

The exhibit A Sense of Place consists of paintings completed exclusively with either Plein Air or Alla Prima methods, employing “first hand observation”.
Juror: Karen Van Hoy
Exhibit Dates June 7-August 29, 2009
Artist Reception: Sunday, June 7, 2009 Noon-2pm
(You are invited!)
Doll Gardner Gallery‎, 8470 SW Oleson Rd, Portland, OR‎
(503) 246-3351‎

(Image on card) Seeking Andrew by Katherine Vanshoonhoven

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

..A Few More Garden Shots

I had a lot of images that I may use for the garden workshop. Thought I would share a few more. Really liked this sundial.
Stone pathway with just a little bit of architecture.
Pink dogwood in full bloom.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mt Tabor Art Walk

This weekend in Portland was the Mt Tabor Art Walk. Numerous Artists, be they print makers, painters, potters, gardeners, or photographers opened their homes, patios, studios, and gardens for the pure pleasure to enter and enjoy Art! Following the Art Beat Program on Channel 10 last Thursday, this was the perfect opportunity to collect that loved piece of art from an emerging or unrepresented artist. Mila Raphael was working on a piece from the last workshop she attended and had many guests tour her home and studio.
I visited several artists also in Chris Williams neighborhood. I have many more pictures of her garden I will process and post tomorrow. She had a friend selling Porcelain pottery on the Patio around back. I'm signed up to take the garden painting workshop there in July so I explored all the little paths and arches for possible painting compositions. It was a great day.
I noticed many folks walking or taking their bikes from one studio to the next. Perfect weather for an Art Walk. Hope you got a chance to enjoy this great neighborhood. Carrie

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Sometimes when Olivia starts painting with me she decides to help me paint on my paper rather than her own. I think it is her desire to get more control of the medium. She's come a long way I think since this early "Collaboration." I enjoy my refrigerator gallery every day. Thanks Liv!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Camp 18 Paint Out

Tomorrow morning a painting trip is scheduled by the Hillsboro Plein Air group to Camp 18. This location is between Elsie, Oregon and Seaside. The forecast is still a little up in the air. Last year we went over in June and spent the weekend in Gearhart for Carolyn R's birthday. I found the painting from last year and thought I could share it with you. I never have framed it, it's still on the hot press watercolor block. Thanks for taking a look. By the way, this is available.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Water Tower at Edgefield

Spent Friday afternoon at Edgefield again but where last Friday there were four other painters, today I was by myself. I liked my start from last week but it was one of those partly sunny days and it was hard to get a handle on the shadows. Today was very bright so I was able to complete my beginning.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Makin' Changes

Just thinking about repainting the last one, larger and a little more carefully. I was not thrilled with color and how paint application got murky without any glow. The darks on the left side went flat so I have been playing with the color and value in Photoshop. This was one possibility -
I think there is a very subtle attraction for these high keyed neutral grays and lavender.
Then I pushed the color way way cool and darker. With more color on the front table, more possibility for contrast. Fun to speculate; lots of choices! You have any preferences?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Workshop Painting

I did this painting last month in the Salminen workshop at Cannon Beach. We had done the abstract project for the first three days and the last day and a half we were to work in our usual (more realistic) style but use the ideas from the beginning of the week. I had the painting drawn on the paper Friday morning and had even started painting when J.Salminen did his demonstration on reflections. The process is described in detail in his second video, Urban Landscape in Watercolor. As you can see, as a result of that demo on tail light reflections, I was able to transfer some of what he did to my table top reflections. You never know what, when, or how you are going to use information from workshops. This was immediately gratifying.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Top 10 Secrets of Creatively Successful Women

I'm not sure how I acquired this list or who to give credit. I found it stuck to an old phone list from a long ago dismantled critique group in Hillsboro.

1. Creativity takes time and silent space.

Each of us who have creative talents needs to stake out some quiet time regularly. You can schedule time daily or a couple of days a week. This needs to be an appoitment and commitment you keep with yourself.

2. There are cycles of creativity

Just as there a seasons in a year and cycles in preparing, planting, nurturing, waiting and harvesting - there are creative cycles. We are not always in the harvesting phase. We go through dormant cycles of winter that feel as though nothing is happening. When we honor this, we complete the cycle and move into the planting and harvesting phases.

3. Select mentors, friends and dream partners wisely.

I will paraphrase Helen Gurley Brown's quote, "Don't expect anyone to be happy for your success. If you have a loved one and a few friends who are happy for you, count yourself lucky." Other people can stop your project or idea before you ever get to work on it. So, carefully select who you invite to be on your creative team. Yes still be friends with lots of people. when it comes to working creatively, choose like minds and train them to be honest, yet unconditionally constructive.

4. Commit to yourself.

Many women feel guilty when they take the time to engage in their projects. It may mean having a messy house, not over committing , and just saying no. In one study of women and creativity the biggest fear was the fear of lost and weakend relationships. We still need to be connected. This may mean asking friends, lovers and children about staying connected and nurtured during this process.

5. Set strong boundaries.

"I say no to many things, so I may say yes to what gives me life." paraphrased from Oprah Winfrey - We need strong boundaries so that we have energy and the time for our creations.

6. Work from our strengths. Self explanatory

7. Make friends with fear. Don't let fear stop you from doing what you want.

8. Stop criticizing yourself. Turn off the disatisfyed little voice chirping in your ear.

9. Get over perfectionism. It stifles creativity

10. Play have fun, feel joyful, get in the flow. Embrace your inner child on these occasions.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Who is that "Tiny Head"

I thought by showing you a picture of my Niece, Amanda and my great niece, Olivia that would explain my little avatar.(Now retired) On Wet Canvas they call them "Tiny Heads." Olivia moved to Portland before her second birthday and now she is finally four. She has turned out to be my little painting buddy. Just for a generation map I have added an old photo of Amanda's mom sitting between my mothers legs. So now you have four generations in one post!

First Post For my new Blog

I've had a few friends ask me when I was going to write a blog. Well, now's the time. I was going to give it a name like,"Now's the Time" or "In My Own Sweet Time" but I let too much time go by and someone already grabbed those lovely timely ideas. Luckily, no one had taken my name so here it is...Blog title," Carrie Holst." I think I shall hope for great things to share here with you. Thanks for stopping by.