Monday, May 11, 2009

Camp 18 Paint Out

Tomorrow morning a painting trip is scheduled by the Hillsboro Plein Air group to Camp 18. This location is between Elsie, Oregon and Seaside. The forecast is still a little up in the air. Last year we went over in June and spent the weekend in Gearhart for Carolyn R's birthday. I found the painting from last year and thought I could share it with you. I never have framed it, it's still on the hot press watercolor block. Thanks for taking a look. By the way, this is available.


  1. I remember this manged to capture the peacefulness of the scene. It seems right that this little cemetery for the rail cars exists. I liked it there! Nice painting.

  2. I remember I almost painted the water tower there too but that little caboose was there too. There was a lot of stuff to paint there. I guess we're going back in June.


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