Thursday, May 7, 2009

Makin' Changes

Just thinking about repainting the last one, larger and a little more carefully. I was not thrilled with color and how paint application got murky without any glow. The darks on the left side went flat so I have been playing with the color and value in Photoshop. This was one possibility -
I think there is a very subtle attraction for these high keyed neutral grays and lavender.
Then I pushed the color way way cool and darker. With more color on the front table, more possibility for contrast. Fun to speculate; lots of choices! You have any preferences?


  1. Your composition and the great design seems to make this work no matter what colors are employed! A really nice painting... (that I had the privilege of seeing first hand)!

  2. Thanks Celeste, I may just surprise myself, maybe a compromise.



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