Thursday, November 11, 2010

It'sTurned Cold

Even the eight foot Lincoln statue in the South Park blocks has dawned a winter scarf. It's just a matter of time till some big winds come in and strip the fall colors down to bare trunks. A change of season is good or how would we ever appreciate  the return of spring green and summer sky blue?  And with that, I've had a cold  and fever since Monday and feel like crap.  I'm getting a little house bound so will plan on meeting the Portland Urban Sketchers today for a couple hours in Hollywood district.  Just to prove I have done something this week, here's a sketch book page from the weekend. While you're out today buy a box of tissues and cough drops.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First Friday in Multnomah Village

Yesterday I stopped by O'Connors to place the printed cards on our new monthly show(Eight+ @O'Connors in Multnomah Village) which is our last turn till after the first of the year. I like the new direction some of our group is moving .  It was such a beautiful sunny day I hung around out on the deck and sketched some of the potted flowers out for their last hoorah! Got some good feed back on our show too.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frank Webb Inspired

This was drawn after watching the DVD by Frank Webb, 'Painting Enjoyable Color'
Break out all your big flat brushes and enjoy painting along with Frank Webb, big chunky shapes and charge in colorful animated pigments.  This DVD is chalk full of design and ideas to make your paintings dance. I recommend watching a couple times then head for your paper and paints while your creative juices are revved!  There is no production date but indications make me believe sometime between 2006-9 and created in North Carolina.

Top; Webb Inspired Drawing- 'Fisherman's Pier - Red Wax Lead

Monday, November 1, 2010

Honey Crisp

Brushing up on some fruit this month.  Painted in natural light on the window sill.