Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Frank Webb Inspired

This was drawn after watching the DVD by Frank Webb, 'Painting Enjoyable Color'
Break out all your big flat brushes and enjoy painting along with Frank Webb, big chunky shapes and charge in colorful animated pigments.  This DVD is chalk full of design and ideas to make your paintings dance. I recommend watching a couple times then head for your paper and paints while your creative juices are revved!  There is no production date but indications make me believe sometime between 2006-9 and created in North Carolina.

Top; Webb Inspired Drawing- 'Fisherman's Pier - Red Wax Lead


  1. The DVD definitely got your creative juices flowing - I really like this drawing. Now, what is red wax lead? Is that the stuff that comes in red, white and black - a China marker?

  2. Rhonda, I just spent an hour on line looking for this set made by Niji probably a decade ago. It came with a clear plastic mechanical pencil to hold individual colored wax leads. There were 24 leads; much the consistency of color pencils but didn't need sharpening. In practice, it was impracticable because it was not easy to change colors.

  3. love the red sketch! Wimsical! & you know I liked this video...even though I had to slap myself awake several times! lol

  4. This piece is really FANTASTIC. I am so impressed and looked at it for quite a while. Really, please do more. I feel a desire to try a sketch in all one color. Just WOW.


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