Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Top 10 Secrets of Creatively Successful Women

I'm not sure how I acquired this list or who to give credit. I found it stuck to an old phone list from a long ago dismantled critique group in Hillsboro.

1. Creativity takes time and silent space.

Each of us who have creative talents needs to stake out some quiet time regularly. You can schedule time daily or a couple of days a week. This needs to be an appoitment and commitment you keep with yourself.

2. There are cycles of creativity

Just as there a seasons in a year and cycles in preparing, planting, nurturing, waiting and harvesting - there are creative cycles. We are not always in the harvesting phase. We go through dormant cycles of winter that feel as though nothing is happening. When we honor this, we complete the cycle and move into the planting and harvesting phases.

3. Select mentors, friends and dream partners wisely.

I will paraphrase Helen Gurley Brown's quote, "Don't expect anyone to be happy for your success. If you have a loved one and a few friends who are happy for you, count yourself lucky." Other people can stop your project or idea before you ever get to work on it. So, carefully select who you invite to be on your creative team. Yes still be friends with lots of people. when it comes to working creatively, choose like minds and train them to be honest, yet unconditionally constructive.

4. Commit to yourself.

Many women feel guilty when they take the time to engage in their projects. It may mean having a messy house, not over committing , and just saying no. In one study of women and creativity the biggest fear was the fear of lost and weakend relationships. We still need to be connected. This may mean asking friends, lovers and children about staying connected and nurtured during this process.

5. Set strong boundaries.

"I say no to many things, so I may say yes to what gives me life." paraphrased from Oprah Winfrey - We need strong boundaries so that we have energy and the time for our creations.

6. Work from our strengths. Self explanatory

7. Make friends with fear. Don't let fear stop you from doing what you want.

8. Stop criticizing yourself. Turn off the disatisfyed little voice chirping in your ear.

9. Get over perfectionism. It stifles creativity

10. Play have fun, feel joyful, get in the flow. Embrace your inner child on these occasions.

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