Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wednesday Farmers Market

I was setting up easel and deciding on a composition when a group of street musicians set up right in front of my intended subject. Below is a portion of the finished painting.

Street Musicians - Bottom of the Barrel
14 x 18
Please contact artist if interested in purchase
look for "Bottom of the Barrel" on Facebook

There was so much activity; people, shoppers, dancers!   Oh did I mention it was full blow raining by the time I was forced to quit.   Here's a little tip for watercolor in high humidity (misting or heavy drizzle) select paper that is hot press or bristol and a smaller # like 80 or 90.  You will have a much better chance for saving a few hard edges.  I had a great but brief painting session.

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  1. I'll bet this was a far more interesting subject than the one that you intended to paint !
    Lots of life/movement/colour ... great !


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