Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Focus On Reflections.

I was able to attend a class specifically aimed at painting reflections in a rainy cityscape. I met our instructor,  Ron Stocke and his wife Ursula last Friday morning at OSA. After a brief introduction and description of the next few hours Students drew out a simple version of street scene that would give opportunities to paint lots of  wet looking reflections.  I'll show you the secret through following Ron's painting steps.  See if you can figure it out without me stating the obvious.
 Step one- A nice juicy mother wash reserving whites on cars and crosswalk strips

Step 2- Stating the shapes of distant buildings, keep them high key + avoid  detail.

Step 3 Addition of Figures and vehicles closes to you.... These look really dark uh?

 Step 4-Adding a large dark mass for balance and detail as needed.

The Final - A day in the Pacific NorthWest.


  1. well...I don't know the secret...(I will guess that it is contrast?) His painting is great--and I saw the one you did today...and it is superb too! Cool sequence--thanks for sharing it. I like his work and what you did in his class.

  2. And I think the secret is contrast - getting really dark reflections of dark man made objects compared to where it is only reflecting the light of the sky.


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