Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Pretty close to sketching in a sketch book but if you add a verse or a couple lines as a caption they call it 'Journaling.' 

Plum Crostata

Capitol Highway. between Hillsdale and Multnomah Village.

I pretty consistently reserve Tuesday mornings for some art related activity with art friends. This morning I took a different bus over to the village for the  breakfast with fellow plein air painters. You can't miss the awning on the front of this little Euro style cafe and suggested to Celeste we do a couple sketches there while she waits for a phone call. I knew what I had to sketch when I saw the little plum pastry - My niece makes a similar version of these from her own backyard plum tree! It was a nice little escape. The managers say they are interested in showing art upstairs in a few months.


  1. Carrie, both of these are just fabulous! Gorgeous colors! The top piece you've shown here reminds me a bit of Liz' journaling (of Liz and Borromini on my blog page). I so wish I could do this. Every piece I do is so labored and difficult - almost painful to see. I love your loose style and artist's eye!

  2. I love your sketches, and your comment. I do the opposite, my journal becomes a sketchbook because I sketch over the top of my journaling.

  3. Thanks Sherry and Helen. I've been looking at lots of blogs for the 'Every Day Matters' group and just wanted to join in.

  4. This little plum dessert looks delicious - and should keep you energized for more art. Your paintings of your home town and area make me want to visit - and I think that's a great thing that art can do, convey a place you want to see with your own eyes.


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