Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frog Lake , Mt Hood

We stopped at Frog Lake on Mt Hood so the kids could look for tadpoles and have a picnic.  We watched lots of those little pontoon boats with a single fisherman.  The water was high and pretty cold so we saw quite a few trout being caught.  The guys having the best luck were using flies. Some guy showed us the 20 inch trout already on ice. I had time to do some sketching  and get some pictures after lunch.  From past experience I know the lake perimeters will be loaded with frogs in August.

Above; Pen and Aqua Pencil  5 x 5 inches
Photo of Frog Lake on Mt Hood..


  1. Hi Carrie! It is always an inspiration seeing how you build your compositional plein air drawings. Good to learn you have been getting out and enjoying the Mt. Hood Forest!

  2. Thanks Marcia. I bet you have been out painting Lavender for the festival!


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