Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sketchbook Select

I try to do at the minimum, five or six thumbnails devoted to color and design each week. I thought I would share some of those today.

I draw out some big shapes; think of repetition, tipping,variety, odd numbers, and simplify. I use gouache and a couple watercolors.  I try once in a while for angular and straight lines but I end up rounding corners.  Someone might say they see general figures but it is not intentional. They are just for finding new combinations for non subjective design.


  1. all cool. any of them would look good in a frame!

  2. Somehow your words remind me of paisley. I love paisley and in thinking about it...all of a sudden...I picture someone doodling non-subjective design and voila! Paisley!

    I recognize that top sketch...Was that part of that large piece that Celeste recently posted where everyone came together and drew something...something about ants or bugs...? (The memory is going...alas.)

  3. These are all new designs from this week; I'm not sure about the bug thing but you might be thinking of someones idea from Pictionary and I wasn't in on that. I do like Paisley though - that is definitely my demographic of which you speak!

  4. Looks like a really good exercise. Something to free up the imagination!!!

  5. Hi Carrie,
    I think these studies are terrific; I particularly like the top one. Do you find them challenging? Oh, and what size are they?

  6. Thanks for commenting and for the questions. Peggy, they are only three or four inches here because I put some graphics tape down to create a hard edge. I'll have to find some narrower tape or get a larger sketch book next time. I would like them a little bigger. It is challenging. I'm finding exploring an idea is as much fun as landing the solution. It's probably a similar process you do with the little pony sketches - endless possibilities!


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