Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Little Late but Still White!

I'm goofing off for a few more days, It's snowing!  All I have with me at my house sitting job are some color pencils and a small pad. I'll come up with something a little later. Subject to interpretations will just have to wait till this stuff melts..


  1. looked the same at my house--I liked it..it's melting, go get your supplies!

  2. Perfect snowfall in Portland. It's pretty for one evening then it all melts the next day.

  3. What?! It was NOT a perfect snowfall! It happened at rush hour and mucked up everyone's drive home! It took Peter four hours to drive 10 miles on 217.

    A PERFECT snowfall happens overnight so that it's beautiful in the morning and you can stay indoors and drink warm drinks!

    No snow now. Time to paint, Carrie!

  4. Katherine, sorry for your delima. I guess I lucked out and stayed put when I saw what was going on outside. I thought it was perfectly pretty!

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