Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ironing Woman Color Study

 I bought in props for  getting some gestural paintings of the figure doing general home duties. You could also just go to a cafe and secretly draw other patrons for figure practice.  Carol, the model was ready with an apron and kerchief on her head. This was during an Arne Westerman workshop at OSA a couple years ago.Students were encouraged to take pictures of various models- Chefs to Ballerinas, lots of reference photos for later paintings. Watch his website for summer workshop dates.
 I want to remind the locals, next Thursday, the 14th, Gwen Seemel will air on Oregon Art Beat (8:00pm) for her lively and colorful portraits. Check out her website.


  1. Your figures are just great, Carrie! I feel tired just looking at her ironing there in the bright light. How lucky you are to have a wealth of figure references!

  2. Love the puddles of color, and white lighting around.


  3. I like the one you did from the front (that was in your US Bank exhibit)..but I might even like this one better!
    You are so good at the splashy spontaneous figure. I hope you do more.


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