Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What A Nice Suprise!

I won a set of cards from Joan Breckwoldt Blog.  Click on the image of her "Monthly Giveaway" to go there.

Last weekend was the Watercolor Society of Oregon's biennial convention.  A decision was made for next year's transparent show to begin accepting soluble water media with transparent watercolor - The purists are becoming a dying breed!


  1. Hi Carrie,
    Great to see you at the WSO convention in Salem.Congratulations on your win from Joan Breckwoldt's blog.
    I really enjoy seeing your latest sketches on your blog.
    Your blog link has been added to my Artist's Blog link list.

  2. Nice prize, Carrie. Progressive decision on the part of the watercolor society. Lots of exciting work can now be eligible to enter.

  3. Linda, Thanks for the Link and visiting over here in my little world.

    Myrna, I need to make a correction - it has to be Re-soluble media like gouache, watercolor crayons and pencils.... But yes, So many possibilities!


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