Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hood River - On Location

Sketched in Hood River yesterday near a wine tasting room, down past the Hood Rive train depot. Pretty quiet morning and nothing much going on asside from the passing of a few freight trains.


  1. These are great, colorful sketches. I'm really impressed at the freshness, yet detail suggested here.

  2. Thanks Elizabeth, I told my friends I was going to be down by the Historical Train Depot. I did one longer more realistic painting of an old pullman car. (which made me thirsty)So I painted these next on the porch of the tasting room with a glass of wine.!!! My friends never found me.

  3. she vamoosed to the caboose! Really love these sketches--they radiate warmth and vitality

  4. I hope you didn't drink all those barrels of wine!! ha ha What I like about the train station sketch is the use of those cool blues and violets - very inviting.

  5. Thanks Katherine and Celeste.
    Rhonda, those barrels are huge,no one could drink all four! :)

  6. Love the Hood River sketch - I feel like I've been there. And the green squiggles next to the wine barrels are magnificent!

  7. Hi Carrie,
    your blog is wonderful!!! You are very talented.
    You are the winner of my September giveaway. Please let me know your address and I'll mail you your choice of notecards. thank you!!

  8. So very nice. I love your quick brush strokes.

  9. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations


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