Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sketching Tuesday

I really do some kind of art almost every day but I get side tracked and don't post about it as often. I need to catch you up I guess.  After the Artists Breakfast last Tuesday it was such a terrific day - one of those transition Summer to Fall days where the sky was bright and clear with big puffy, billowy clouds; the wind might come up kind of day - but it didn't.  Not too hot- Not too cold- It was just perfect!    I talked Celeste into going to a big park just off Vermont that has nothing but big open space with lots of trees and of course the abandoned neighborhood baseball diamond. School's in so there was hardly anyone there but the occasional strolling couple or mom pushing a stroller.  

We commandeered a picnic table and just enjoyed the day. Then it was off to get a coffee.  The Cafe Auto Grill is in this same neighborhood Where we grabbed an outdoor table and sketched some more. 

Celeste took a picture of my sketch there before we finished and the paint was still wet but when I got home I risked ruin and added more color, value, and detail just because it wanted to.... and it worked out! 
At least I think it did. Do you think I improved it?


  1. it was a great day!...I like both versions of your colorful sketch..the Autogrille is a neat place (and I liked the park too)!

  2. Very nicely done - you definitely improved it. Where are all the legs?

  3. Dan, The cross walk guy in the sign has all the legs right now.

  4. Hey Carrie,
    Love the graphic quality of this. Reminds me the illustrations you'd see in the New Yorker magazine or something like that. You make the weather seem better than usual!

  5. Thanks Brenda, you found me out. I know this style is much more appropriate for a journal but I think it's fun. I don't buy greeting cards so these little sketches are just the ticket.


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