Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Egg Carton and Broken Shells

I thought I would tell you the shells are broken - I ate them for breakfast  and put them back to paint them. I didn't get around to finishing them till late last night.  I thought about adding pen but resisted; maybe start with pen on another.


  1. Nice colors and composition, Carrie. An all around winner!

  2. You were wise to leave out the pen! Great light and shadow especially on the lid of the box. The violet shadow by the brown/orange shell is PERFECT!

  3. --it is beautiful ---magnificent in it's every-day-ness...but infused with the un-ordinariness of those pretty colors. Great design too.
    Absolutely one of my favorites by you!

  4. Thank You Ladies. I liked them pretty well too. I was looking at the frames leaning in the corner and thought there was one with a mat and glass that might fit. I entered it in the OSA fall juried show this afternoon. The other thing is I got an Email when I got back and I think it has already sold. Woo Hoo!

  5. Thank you for sharing
    This fabulous work with us
    Good creations

  6. Carrie! That's great! Congrats on getting into the show and selling it, too. A double!


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