Thursday, March 31, 2011

Carolyn's Daffodils Update

Spent an hor or so at Carolyn's after breakfast on Tuesday Painting her Daffodils in a cobalt blue vase. Ater I got home I added the dark background.  You can see the first version here and let me know what you think of the difference. I like it better.
Last Saturday was a little drawing workshop put on by the Portland Urban Sketchers and instructor of Architectural drawing at Idaho State University, Mathew Behm.  We had a great morning lecture and slide presentation and after lunch we landed out in the rain at Pioneer square. One of the great thngs about the day was reconnection with friend Dee Doyle who was in town visiting and signed up while she was away from her own group up on Whidby Island.  We met last year in Myna Wacknov's workshop so it was nice to reconnect.  On the other hand I got very little done in the way of buildings bud did like my little quick drawing of the Rain Man in Pioneer Square seen below.  I'm ready for some sun I tell ya!


  1. I like both versions of the daffodils...but agree, the one with the dark background is super nice! Great photo of you and your sketching pal..and the Pioneer Courthouse guy with umbrella is nifty! He's one of the few "people" in Oregon who uses an umbrella when it rains. :)

  2. I prefer the colors of the first version but I really like how "van gogh-ish" your second version is.

  3. Carrie - I love the artsy quality of the second one - all the texture - though the blue really pops in the first. BOTH are great. Which person is you in the photo?

  4. Carrie, What fun to see the photo, and what fun we had at the workshop. I was pleased that you could be my navigator to get to Pioneer Square, or I would still be going up and down the one way streets downtown!

    I enjoyed the workshop, and am glad to have had the architectural references ... a different spin on things for a people sketcher!

    Have been following your Portland Plein Air group as well. It looks as if you all have lots of fun and good painting!


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