Thursday, March 17, 2011

Painting Demo - Artist/Author Catherine Gill

There will be a Demo of mixed water media tomorrow, March 18th - Friday at the Beaverton Art Media - Starting at 2pm.  Catherine will be showing a plein air style of painting she has perfected and teaches in the Ballard area (studio) of Seattle. She paints watercolor combined with soft pastel in a different way than you commonly see.  In her painting style, she incorporates the pastel into wet watercolor so as to disperse the pastel pigment within a watercolor wash.  This can be added to enhance complementary and analogous colors and effect transparent and opaque properties along with heightened intensity.  There are lots of examples in her newly released book - Powerful Watercolor Landscapes.  I hope people in the area can attend.  Catherine will be signing copies of her book available for purchase at Art Media.  I think it is a great book and I really urge you to attend this Painting demo Tomorrow afternoon.
PS:  It was a great demo and big turnout.  Catherine makes her technique look effortless.

Catherine's Book info

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  1. I had the great pleasure to speak to Catherine in person recently...she is so nice! It's a wonderful book. Wish I could get to the demonstration...hoping that you will bring back "a report"!


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