Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Glass Box Vases

One unexpected nice spring morning Carolyn and I took advantage of vases of flowers left on the deck at O'connors in Multnomah Village. This one didn't make it onto 'Behind the Scenes blog' due to my forgetful habits. I gotta work on that. It's been a while now, a few weeks since I painted these and I remember there were yellow daisies but I don't remember what the white or pink flowers were - must have been carnations.  I do remember trying to focus on shapes and repetition rather than each blossom.  I liked trying to allude to different floral  textures and glass  is always a good challenge!


  1. You certainly know how to incorporate "freshness" and strength into such a delciate and lovely still life! Nice job!

  2. Thanks Dee, I'm a slow learner.

  3. I lOVE this one! wooo is very strong but also "light"---how do you do it??


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