Saturday, June 18, 2011

Return to the River

It's raining. Must be Saturday. That was the first thing I saw on my face book written by Maddie from Seattle.  Hey, its the same down here...... but yesterday was fine, hot ,and sunny!  I wanted to go back to River Place and sit in front of the marina. Before I got that far up the path, I saw a nice shady spot close to the bank.  I quietly sat and painted across from Omsi  recording these two watercraft bobbing in the river..  I met both boat owners as they rowed ashore for quick supply runs - the boat on the left was called 'Night Owl' and on he right, 'Electra.'


  1. wow....I love this! I think your love and knowledge of boats shows through here.

  2. Love all that reserved white of the paper. Makes the work really glow. It's what watercolor does best. Beautiful work, Carrie.

  3. I like your boats, and your water too.


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