Saturday, September 12, 2009

Liz Walker At OSA

Liz Walker  shared her personal experiences with producing 'starts' for her award winning images.  Her work now is more acrylic but 10 years ago while she was still living in Boston she discovered her love of Watercolor. She and her family moved to Portland When her husband took a job at Intel; Liz found the Village gallery and watercolor classes taught by Harold Walkup,Chris Williams and Susan Cowan. In her pursuit of  contrast and design Liz learned from Susan timeless techniques of paper marbling and modified monoprint to enhance her painting process.

Although Liz couldn't bring the entire set up for paper marbling, she gave a good explanation of the process/materials and showed a variety of  patterned papers that might speak to her imagination or simply  impose a prevously drawn image to get things going.
  Also among her bag of tricks was monoprinting on texturized (patterned wallpaper).This was accomplished with fluid acrylics applied to the wall paper then.lay clean prepared paper on top of painted surface, apply pressure to transfer the colors to the printing paper........
next after the print is pulled water is sprayed to soften some of the pattern impressed into the image......
More water sprayed to remove more of the pattern.  The picture doesn't show the still remaining pattern......
one may stop at any point and set the print aside to dry.. Liz actually admits she uses the same brushes for acrylic that she uses for watercolor but they aren't sable. You can view more of Liz's Art at her website


  1. What a nice presentation--I wish I would have seen it--but you did a very good job of reporting. I love her work!

  2. Thanks for looking in Celeste,
    I couldn't even cover all the information she shared. I got some good ideas to try out. I'm sure if I get stuck, I can ask for more help.


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