Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pirates Day - Along the Willamette

Quin and I wanted to paint  on the waters edge or possibly the dock at Cathedral Park but the place was crawling with Pirate wanna bees.   We settled on a view above the river - out of cannon range and parrot droppings.  A few of the neighbors found us a curiosity and then the evening's entertainment. Every time the horn blew, the bridge went up or down.  That is a very busy rail road bridge.  I'm also adding a better version below of the Falls from the last post. Click on the images for larger version.


  1. That looks like a nice spot--and I love the Multnomah Falls painting!

  2. Carrie,
    I love how your loose brush marks translate into coherent images. Always a challenge outdoors!

  3. Oh, one of the neighbors said they are just about ready to break ground on this spot for two houses so won't be able to paint here next summer without permission. I'm so glad we got there in time. Thanks for looking. Have a great weekend.


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