Sunday, September 27, 2009

Up the River - Multnomah Falls

Early last week I wanted to go up to Hood River to see the Plein Air Show at Columbia Gallery and Art Center.  Great work filled the space; lots of familiar names on those paintings.   I've done several paintings along the Willamette this month; I think I have a body of work to submit next year.  
On the way back, the light was so golden, I stopped at Multnomah falls and dashed off an hour sketch from the parking lot. Insert is a closer view of the bridge I was focused on complete with pedestrians. Click on image for enlargement.
Olivia and Hudson Feeding the Geese

Wouldn't be summer if you didn't paint at Laurelhurst Park.Wouldn't be Laurelhurst park unless you give the geese some cracked corn.............


  1. a new post! a good looking painting!

  2. Carrie, I love it. Good for you M.F. Love the Gorge I must have an overload of photos. I really need to get involved with a painting group or something to spur me on. Your paintings is great. You are so brave to sit there with the hundreds of folks that probably walked by wondering what you were doing.

  3. Looks great!!!! You have really been busy with your painting. It is paying off.

  4. The insert is fun! I'd like to see your painting up close.

  5. Great post! Love seeing the inspiration of the inset and then the finished painting. Looks like it was a beautiful day...

  6. Thank you for all checking in and commenting. I felt like I needed to do an insert so you could see the falls. Kathy Allegri does lots of work in the Gorge and says to paint any of the water falls from a distance to save getting a krink in your neck. Judy, there were only about 1/3rd of the parking lot being used so there were only 1/3rd the normal number of tourists. It was a great week for painting. There was hail on the street today so now more undercover and car painting in the immediate future.


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