Thursday, August 25, 2011

Gate House

I was with a group of ten women today at the Franciscan Villa in Bridal Veil.  I have come to think of it more as a retreat  than an annual paint out as it is presented.  This gives me a bit of breathing room as far as coming home with a finished painting - I didn't get a finished painting today, not even!   Things seemed to be going along and  All I have to show is a little sketch of the Gate House steps from the morning and a disappointed goat because I forgot to bring carrots.

pygmy goat



  1. Nice sketches. Love the pymgy goat!!!!

  2. I like what you wrote about feeling like the place allowed you to be quiet instead of "demanding" anything of you. Your drawings are always every bit as good as your paintings

  3. Very nice drawing. I like the men on the bench, too. I see their relaxation.

  4. Thank You Ladies!!!
    It's always nice to have comments and see who stops by my blog. It was a super nice day up there this time, one to remember.


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