Monday, August 22, 2011

Shakespear in the Park

This little painting is still a work in progress.  I was having to many interruptions, I wasn't really disturbed because I had a pretty good drawing, well, good enough to do a larger painting of this in the near future. I really liked these two guys  taking a little break in the Shakespeare Garden at Washington Park. I wanted to get  their relaxed body language in my painting. This smaller garden is a restful contrast to all the activity and color of the larger Rose Test Gardens surrounding it.
    Had a beautiful day with 8 other artists from the Portland Plein Air Painters.  We drew lots of attention from all the visitors, lots of complements and comparisons. If you would like to see the other artists in action go Here!


  1. Very nice and you did a great job catching the gestures! Great start!

  2. Lovely--it looks so shady and cool. You really captured the relaxed look of the man facing us.


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