Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lynda Drawn with Pencil

Thank you all for the help with ellipses; I was practicing just drawing them without templates or tracing and became increasingly frustrated but the link from Jeanette to Mike Sibley's was really quite helpful.  In the meantime, I hadn't picked up a pencil to draw a portrait for a while - It was a nice little break. It's the weekend and the sun just came out!


  1. oh my...what a good drawing!!!! who is she? She looks like a nice person!

  2. Thanks!
    Lynda is past President of WSO and is now the digital photo co-ordinator for the 2 shows each year.

  3. This is a beautiful pencil sketch!! Love the expression. Is all of the talent in Portland?! That's not fair. ;)

  4. Ha Ha! Tanks Dan, Maybe talent rubs off better here!!!
    I know you share your talents too.

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