Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Head Practice

From left to right, Elegant Writer and watercolor, Pencil-Watercolor + Ballpoint pen, and the last was a dip pen in Higgins brown ink + watercolor.  The Elegant writer was mentioned a few months ago on Myrna Wacknov's Creative Journey  here. I've picked up a couple different brands of recycled paper sketch pads and just want you to know they have to short of fibers for mixed water media - They just don't hold up-better for drawing and one hit wash .


  1. All great--I think you can draw with anything!

  2. Great heads! I'll be back in town soon -- would love to see these in person and hear more about your workshop with Myrna Wacknov! K.

  3. Hi Carrie,
    What a great blog and enjoyed taking a look at your very expressive sketches.


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