Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Progressive Sketch Crawl

  Today most of the regulars showed up for our Tuesday morning 'Art Talk' breakfast. For the last couple weeks some members have been making a point of getting in a few sketches after the meeting winds down.  Today, I was surprised with myself to be drawn to flowers, first in Carolyn's garden and later, Celeste and I were invited guests of Mark L in his home studio (filled with with floral arrangements from his yard)  It was All Flowers-All Day.  More photos of our sketch crawl can be seen at the Behind the Scenes Blog
My Iris Watercolor at Carolyn's 

Celeste's painting from Mark's
My camera battery was dead so I grabbed photos taken by Celeste until I can add my own.  I also was somewhat compulsive last night and spent about four or five hours with photo shop mastering how to use layer masks to add hydrangeas to text.  I got side tracked with some gradient lesson too. Well worth the time but what I couldn't do two times in a row last night was much easier with a two hour nap. How are you liking the spring flowers in your yard so far?


  1. I was admiring your hydrangea text. Yes it would be possible with photoshop. Great idea with many possibilities...

    Your iris is as lovely as the little still life you placed it in! Are those really blooming somewhere? Mine are only 4 inches out of the ground!

    Happy painting. Happy spring!

  2. Hi Susan, Thanks for commenting. I was sure the ground hog meant to say everyone but the West coast would have 6 more weeks of winter. The trees here blossomed out couple weeks ago. As far as photo shop text, I would also like to figure out how to add a color outline around this text but that's for another day.

  3. Carrie, your headline turned out superb! It was worth all the work you put into it. I love your Iris watercolor -what a good art day!

  4. Nice post Carrie, and I love your headline! I'm impressed with your photoshop abilities. I'm missing the flowers in my old yard... this new house has not much in the way of spring color... the only thing in bloom are the wild dogwood. I do love those though!


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