Saturday, April 24, 2010

Myrna Wacknov Workshop - Final Day


The third and final day of Myrna's workshop was yesterday. In the morning I did a sketch on tracing paper and transferred it to a half sheet gessoed wc paper.  We learned a terrific way to transfer a clean clear image to our paper without making that dirty graphite middle sheet.  (Worth the price of admission!!)   Almost half of the students got in a second painting but most were still working on the first. Myrna did another demo and showed the little wallet she makes out of a painted sheet of Tyvek. ( that moisture barrier that is used to wrap buildings) After lunch we continued painting, talking about books to be on the look out and finished off with a big class critique. As much as everyone complained about not getting into wet paint the first day I think they were willing to admit all the drawing and measuring was a benefit for getting  correct proportions on the features of the face. I'll get some of those initial sketches scanned and on her later. I had a great time for the last few days, I put a little extra pressure on myself to get a couple good starts,  build momentum on the next week for a couple more.  Best of well layered plans..... Hold me to them!.


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