Friday, April 23, 2010

Myrna Wacknov Workshop - Day 2

This is where I was yesterday at about three.  decided better take a picture of it then before I ruin it.   Evaluating stage now - I did add a little more dark mid values and some detail so I'll take another photo tonight.  I'm going to try to get another one started this morning so  I'm going in early.  Great group of ladies and Myrna is just way to much fun!  She has the very same exact camera as mine so I also got a lesson on setting and tricks this camera preforms..... WHO knew?!!


Value Sketchs and light direction studies

Edit:  Myrna shows her version of "the San Diego Woman" on her blog here 


  1. Myrna is smart! she also has a flip camera, I think, and has uploaded to YouTube. She is techno savvy! This is a good the next phase!

  2. Wow! This face is already sooo good, I want to see what happens when you do more! Sounds like a fun workshop! More! Show more!

  3. this is great painting ... for my taste, it doesn't need anything more ... love the freshness and room left for the viewer to mentally participate ... has real character


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