Sunday, June 20, 2010

Art Meets Subject

I was checking out the prospectus for the Fall WSO transparent watercolor show and just did a little doodle of the juror, Karen Vernon. I had an idea last week for an abstract on a whole sheet but I looked on her website and she has no abstracts. In fact she a large concentration of floral paintings and I'm not a big flower painter. Change gears - landscape painting and possibly an abstract as the 2nd entry; As per Robert Burridge,"If it costs the same to enter two as it does one, enter two!". .....

I always loved this photo from a show when Lisa came to pose by her portrait. I was so surprised by the great likeness hence  title of post, Art Meets Subject.  Had a very busy fun week that I need to get pictures processed to show.  I gessoed a few pages in my sketch book in anticipation of Art Canvas Bar tomorrow night.  Later! How was your weekend?


  1. Fabulous portrait sketch! Karen has great lips!

  2. Nice to see what Lisa looks like in person--that is one of my favorite paintings of yours--it shows your fearless color sense and your signature "economy" of strokes. Your paintings never look overworked--they are always reliably fresh and spontaneous. Love the juror sketch too.


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