Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plein Air Painting Today!

We really got out there to paint today and it was great! We went to Camp 18 for Carolyn Rondthaler's birthday just like the last couple years.

 This was the last watercolor of the day and I had to hurry because the sky got dark and a few big drops fell on my foreground. I made an effort to just put up some big simple shapes and be really careful laying in the correct values. The most detail  I permitted myself was a few blades of grass.
I think this is a success since the first two were way too fussy. My other friends have posted their pieces on Behind the Scenes Blog (no longer exists). Go over and take a look for more nice work.

I want to thank all of those who comment on my little Paintings, the feedback is very nice to receive and keeps me going.  If there is anything you might be dieing to take home send a message and we can make a deal. Thanks again.


  1. I love each of these, Carrie, but I think you are right about that top painting being a success. I love those large rocks being the center of interest. Surround them with green and what's not to love? Beautiful work!

  2. Hi, found you through Behind the Scenes. I like all 3 that you have posted here. Much applause for getting the top one done in the fading light - your values work perfectly. But it is the 3rd one that sent me over to your blog. Just love the colors you used and the draping effect. Wonderful watercolor piece (and not too fussy at all!)

  3. The leaves on the last watercolor are lovely - and the change in evening light is very nice on the rocks. Good job.

  4. And thank you for your advice on my blog about watercolor. I have no experience and I am learning by trial and error. I am paying attention to the amount of water on my brush - interesting how I prefer very little - and I just read in a book "remember, this is WATER color" - encouraging lots of water. hmm, maybe I will turn to acrylics, but not yet. I will give it a go for a month. Again, thanks for your words of wisdom.


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