Sunday, June 6, 2010

WIP ~ Combo of Techniques & Media

A Crazy Experiment . . . for me anyway!

I know it already looks half finished but it is a work in progress. In a second I will retrace my first steps with photos.I'm not sure how this is going to turn out. I first saw the use of masking tape on Sandy Maudlin's blog a couple years ago and last year John Salminen demonstrated his technique in the WSO workshop.  I didn't follow directions as usual so the tape may not completely adhere to this surface; it has a thin layer of gesso over an old unfinished painting.

 The drawing was done and I started tearing off little bits of masking tape where I wanted to reserve whites or light shapes. I started out  carefully, with more exacting edges and burnishing down the tape but this is very time consuming. Speeding up I probably got to sloppy layering tape sections and didn't make sure the tape was really stuck down. Next-Paint!...

This is how far I went with just watercolor. I mentioned last week I was going to try for a different style so I'm thinking it's time for a little opacity and break out the gouache! She is looking a little like a clown. The first shot on top  was letting it dry and then take off the tape.  I'm really waiting to be suprised! (I hope in a good way) Stay tuned.

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