Thursday, June 24, 2010

On-Line for the I-Phone

I really wanted to sketch on the sidewalk downtown but didn't want to look so conspicuous out there on my own.  When my niece started making noise last week about spending the night in line for an i-phone I thought I could inconspicuously sketch in line.  I need more practice or I just had way to much time to get bogged down with detail.  It was fun listening to all the tech talk among  these 20 somethings and realize they have no memory of those old computer punch cards you used to get from the airlines as  a boarding pass or college registration packets.  One of these guys looked at me quizzically and asked if I was going to actually get an i-phone. When I asked why he wanted to know he said he thought it was mostly the younger generation that was interested in the new gadgets. Well, I guess he is a little right - I mainly talk on the phone, but I do send a few texts a month and take advantage of the camera.
Below are some other sketchs from the week , various times and locations. It's almost the weekend!



  1. so you really stayed in line all night for an iphone? did I read that right? I like all of your sketches..I don't see the too much detail thing. I'll see you on Monday..okay? I think Carolyn will come too. :)

  2. I love the works you did while in line. Personally I like details so I think these are wonderful! As to that 20-something guy..."How rude!"

  3. nice blog. Keep at that sketching on location. There is no substitution for it. You are doing great work


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