Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lavender Fields

A group of Portland Plein Air Painters traveled  to Washington County landmark, Helvetia Lavender Farm and Gardens above the Helvetia Tavern. We all had a great day of painting and breathing the scent of freshly cut lavender.For a change the weather cooperated all day with well timed sun breaks which meant moderate temps and no need for sunscreen.Owner Nancy escorted us on a personal garden tour and invited us to paint on their private deck. We were entrtained by the two family St. Bernards; Mudly (shown below) and Penny.  Enjoy some of the bird house collection in the garden! To see more paintings from todays outing check out our group blog, Behind The Scenes!
 Celeste and Mudly

Penny could be lady-like if she thought you would scratch her ear too.

 Alpacas across the road



  1. Absolutely beautiful job, Carrie! This looks like such a gorgeous place! Mudley and Penny have a great home. Celeste is so beautiful.

  2. Looks like a lovely spot to paint with friends!
    Love "Mudly", what a great name!

  3. Thanks Patty and Sherry, Those crazy dogs had pretty much the run of the place except where the the fence kept them from the tea pavilion. The two resident cats had cornered that market but painters were not to interesting so they went back to their respective cushions.

  4. Fresh and free painting, and and the joy of painting in a gorgeous environment. It looks as if your group has just too much fun!

  5. This painting makes me happy. It is so spontaneous looking and captures the mood of the day, I'm guessing. I love visiting farms - this is what watercolor is all about. Just lovely.


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