Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Never Know What to Expect

This started out as an experiment to work out a color palette.  I should know better than try to go with yellow.  It is just too light and I never get the mood I expect so I obliterate the light with a complement. What I like about this is using a broad flat dry stroke that introduced a bit of broken color.  I seldom use dry brush but I'm going to bring that into some more work in the future.  
A Daily Pencil Portrait



  1. Love both of these pieces, Carrie. You ended up with a cool little abstract piece with your working out a palette here. And the portrait is so wonderful and full of character!

  2. the oval painting reminds me of sea life

  3. And I saw the palette piece as "stones." Whatever, it's fun!

    Like the pencil drawing too. Are you doing those on skecth pads, and will you develop tha tinto a painting?

  4. Thanks Sherry.

    Celeste, Hey I was thinking something on the order of Oysters and pearls.... but I think Oyster shells are bumpy.

    Thanks Dee, I still need to get the color scheme down but these Organic shapes are fun and easy to build into compositions just by variety of sizes. The Pencil drawings are just in sketch books and can very easily go to larger works.

  5. love the portrait, esp the eyes, Carrie ... they make me feel sorry and smile at the same time ... amazing how just a few lines can suggest so much

  6. Thanks Harry -I think you are on to something!


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